Janet Jackson has detailed unbreakable, her fist new album since
2008’s discipline. Its bout october2 via rhythm nation/BMG and the
features the singles “no sleep”(feat j.cole) and “the great forever”
as well as a missy Elliot collab called “#burnitup!” that’s the art
work above, scroll down for the track list.

According to a press release, the album’s theme includes “Janet’s
views on where we stand today as individuals and as inter-related
elements of a planet. Some of these relate to her convictions
passionately expressed in rhythm nation 1814, including the need to
bring things out in the open and to have a dialogue. The album will
also mark the first time Janet Jackson has opened up about her brother
Michael and with reflections concerning her youth.”

The record continues Jackson collaboration with producer- songwriter
team jimmy jam and terry lewis. Speaking about the project, the pair
“it is wonderful to be creating again with Janet from songwriting,
producing arranging singing dancing and acting, she deftly does it all
and truly personifies the word artist. Unbreakable is a gift to all
her fans that have steadfastly stood by her. It is a subject for
conversation, a plea for compassion, and a call for action from
someone who have come a long way, but’s got a long way to go, and has
much to say about it. In other words, if you want to know what’s on
her mind you only have to listen.”

(b)Burnitup! (Feat missy elliot)
(c)Dammn baby
(d)The great forever
(e)Shoulda known better
(f)After you fall
(g)Broken hearts heal
(i)No sleep (Feat j.cole)
(j)Dream maker / euphoria
(k)2 b loved
(l)take me away
(n)lessons learned
(o)black eagle
(p)well traveled
(q)gon b alright

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