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The name Esure will surely ring a bell anytime folks discuss the growth of entertainment in Owerri, Imo state and South East as a whole. The OAP whose drive and passion towards perfection in all works of art lead to the introduction of the E Celebrity Awards, An event designed to recognize the efforts of young entertainers in the south east, said a lot in an exclusive interview with Kc Slim featured here on The Spotlight

He discussed issues ranging from his relationship and marriage coming soon, his relationship with the former E Celeb Awards manager, reasons for delay in the third edition and many more. He also promised that the third edition of the annual E Celebrity Awards will take place before the year runs out.

Read excerpts from the interview below.
What is E Sure’s real identity?

Esure’s real name is Akalonu Stanley Ikechukwu. The 1st in his family. From Imo state, Owerri North L.G.A. Born in lagos shasha akowonjo secondary school in ikotun(st saviors high school).

What does the name E Sure stand for?
The name Esure is the radio branded version of Ekwe-sure. The name came dance dance coz I was a dancer and a choreographer back den in d university, but as I came into d media fully, I decided to re brand the name to sound funky and unique (Esure). smiles

Your higher institution and course of study

I attended Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, studied theatre arts, graduated in 2008
I love listening to good music with local content in it.
Aside being an OAP, what else do you do?
Am also a radio producer, brand manager and artist manager.
Can you intimate us on the journey so far, from school days to date?
Wow!!! The journey so far from school days to date has not been easy. In fact I was the smallest in my set (laughs). most people don’t know that after my NYSC days in PH (eleme) as a class room English /literature teacher, I worked as a photographer for 6months before I left and came to owerri to join Hot FM in 2011(jan).
I wasn’t paid for 6mnths in Hot FM but I endured till God finally answered my prayers in (june 2011) through the help of my boss (princess chi) I was officially made a staff. Since then I have been moving from glory to glory despite the little challenges on the road to success, but God has been there to help me conquer.
You Started E Celeb award, what inspired you to start it, what where the challenges you faced, those you still face now and what do you think is the way forward?
Eceleb award was a dream project I had back then in university, had this zeal of helping upcoming entertainers in d industry, to encourage them coz most of them come from poor background with no help/sponsor. so I needed to appreciate the little they have done to help the industry grow, especially those with talents.
The challenges I faced was finance in the beginning, but with the help of some of my wonderful friends in the industry and Hot FM where I work, everything is working out well for me.

How do you feel about many of such venture as E Celeb Awards springing up in Imo lately?
I feel happy because it shows that people are beginning to understand that it takes little to appreciate what someone is doing.
How many editions of E Celeb award have held successfully?
So far, 2 editions of Eceleb awards have been held successfully with over 60 entertainers‎ going home with awards and other branded gifts items 4rm my major sponsor @kraftweez
The third edition is long overdue, what is the reason for the delay?
The reason for the delay of the 3rd edition this year was because I had other personal projects I was embarking on and trying to achieve this year, and thank God some of those projects are near completion and am now shifting my attention to the 3rd edition even though it’s coming a little bit late this year, but it’s better than not doing it at all or stopping it.
You dropped the Events manager, MOC brand, what really transpired between you and MOC
Well, I won’t go into details of what happened between I and my former event manager (moc brand). everything happened for a good reason and we are still best of friends in the industry. As humans we all learn every day.

Did MOC’s absence affect the Event in any way?
No way, it didn’t affect the event in any way.

Who is the new event manager for E Celeb awards
The official new event manager for Eceleb award is Jety Adaugo Mbaegbu.

When are we expecting the next edition of E celeb awards?
Before the end of this year Gods grace, the 3rd edition will take place.

You said last year that the third edition will be bigger and better, what should we be expecting this time?
Yes we should also be expecting the brand (Eceleb award) giving out awards to the best entertainers in south east and other special guest appearance from different parts of the country.

Can you take us a little bit into your personal life? (Single, engaged or Married, wedding bell, time?)
Am engaged to d most beautiful girl in my life who has also contributed a lot to the growth of E-celeb award to this extent.(adaugo jety mbaegbu). wedding bell soon. just watch out 4dz space.
How will you describe Entertainment in Imo state and South East as a whole?
‎sure, entertainment in imo state and south east as a whole is now coming up so fast. b4 now, imo was backward but with the growth of the industry 4rm all corners in the country, imo is now benefiting from it. These kinds of award have also made them sit up and are now doing stuffs that will help the industry grow.

Finally, what message do you have for Imo entertainers, E celeb awards fans and the general public?
My message to Imo Entertainers, Eceleb awards fans and the general public is that they shouldn’t let their dream die like that, no matter what, try to keep it alive. no matter the challenges of life, it may not be easy at 1st but believing and putting God 1st in all you do will go a long way in standing you out among others. Every great man out there, had his ups and down 4rm the beginning but along the line they kept pushing and they became successful at the end of d day.

Thank you very much for your time sir.


For further inquiries, you can reach Esure through the following

Twitter:@esurehot @ecelebawards

Call: 08162696680

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