“Sorry Please Thanks”
by B.O.C Madaki is still making waves all over the NORTH and beyond.
Judging from the success of his previous body of work “No English”, we need no jazz man to tell us how much pressure was on the Beehive MC to deliver another solid piece of work.
After listening to the new album about 20 times, I can confidently say that B.O.C is here to dominate the music scene.
The EP itself is a declaration that the rap champ B.O.C means nothing but business.

The album featured various acts from a wider range, the featured artistes are; C. Man, Stesh, Abbysinia,  Lee rhymes, Black house, Kenny wonder and Pheroshuz.
Productions credit: Eskay, C Man, Shambee Puzzle, Benzeeno, Kenny Wonder, Sinama Beat, Sarom and Balani.

Track By Track Reviews:

1. Knock Knock: As the first track, this serves as an introduction into the album, and being a very dope tune it easily explores the audience into expecting nothing aside excellence as they delve deeper into the project. What a way to start an album! Very good!!

2. Madarar Lebe
: No need for too much talk. The song proved to be a solid follow-up to knock-knock. B.O.C definitely worked hard to
deliver on this one and from the response from the streets; I can’t but agree that it’s another laudable track.

3. Dari Bisa Dari
: This is clean hip-hop cut! Affirming the fact that his rapping skill is heavy, B.O.C continues engineering this musical garden “ Sorry please thanks” with Dari Bisa Dari.

4. Really Real ft. Pheroshuz
: B.O.C enlists the iconic pheroshuz (pherow the great) to deliver stellar and dope verse on this joint. B.O.C as usual soars with this dope rap number. Very impressive track!.

5. Do That ft Kenny wonder
: After jamming to this tune, I was like, was that B.O.C?? Ahhh!! The versatility on this tune was very very 100!! The track left thousands suggesting that B.O.C can make a better pop artiste without much efforts. Thanks to Kenny wonder and B.O.C, this is a PLUS!! One has to think that Wizkid is missing from this though….

6. Pennates ft Lee rhymes: This song is actually one of my picks from the project. Both artistes tirelessly and flawlessly delivered on the Shambee produced instrumental. This song will
definitely get heads nodding. Plus the hook is catchy. What more can you ask for?

7. Sorry Please Thanks
: Uhm, this is the theme song!!! Lets just move to the next track for obvious reasons… I rate this song 5/5.

8. Big brother ft C. Man
: Already proving that he is a musical chameleon, B.O.C forges deeper into the ragga genre with the inspiring and oriental influenced ‘big brother’ featuring vocal from producer extraordinaire C.Man. This is one tune you can’t ignore!!

9. Mama (Skit): This features B.O.C’s mum, I don’t know, but I find this very emotional tho’.

10. Himma: This is another inspiring track to not only upcoming artists, but to anybody that has a dream. B.O.C used words manipulation to show that focus and determination can take you to heights that may not look feasible. Key message: Believe in yourself. It’s a song with a strong message that should not be slept on.

11. Sir Abubakar ft Abyssinia
: This is supposedly the new beehive’s anthem. B.O.C and Abyssinia did justice to the beat as they both perfectly laced very impressive verses on this tune…

12. Sabada ft Stesh: ‘Sabada’ used to be a very renowned hausa chorus, but mehn! This dudes just gave us the retouched and modern version of ‘Sabada’. B.O.C once more showed how versatile he can be on this one. ‘Sabada’ might not pack the punches but it is a pretty decent offering. Less I forget, big ups to Stesh he slayed this song kpata kpata!!

13. Home Coming ft Black house
: Saved the last for best? Home coming closes the musical journey in grand style. Kudos to the brains behind the arrangement of ‘Home coming’, the production and especially the efforts of ‘team black house( Khris flamez and Black blinx)’ who drove the song home towards the final seconds of the album.

Conclusion: The versatility B.O.C showed not only in his lyrics but in his choice of beats tells us that B.O.C is someone with a view of the bigger picture. He makes good music, and for sure the people are appreciating it. Best regards B.O.C Madaki.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Reviewed by jaypaQ (@iam_jaypaQ)

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