(SNM MUSIC)Kelly Hansome – Baba lowo[@kellyhansome @King_Hanz @Maga_music @walterhowel.]


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Here is a Christmas gift from Kelly Hansome titled “BABA LOWO” (produced by Kelly Hansome for UGLYBEATZ).

On this Christmas Day, take time to remember those who have had an impact in your life and those whose lives you have had the occasion to impact. Everyday creates a new opportunity to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, provide shelter for the homeless, or educate children; which are the primary objectives of the Kelly Hansome Foundation.

We are all blessed in our given ways, but it is our willingness and ability to bless others which determines our greatness. Merry Christmas people.


Via. @sweetnaijamusic. Bbm:25de8635
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