(SNM MUSIC) Asop 4teen – Sweet Sweet[@iam_4teen]

sweet sweet  front art copy.jpeg
“ASOP 4TEEN”  hails from the southern part of Nigeria “Edo State”… was born in Rivers State where he went through  basic education and graduated from “Benson Idahosa University” in 2013 where he studied “International Studies and Diplomacy” …

He is a sophisticated lyricist, Entertainer and a prolific art, who always love music from creation and comes with his own branded  root vibes “Reggae” and sometime I spice up his music with “Afrobeat” as a true African born…
He has done a lot of underground collaborations and have done works with most African top producers over the years…

From the Stables of NMG, we present you ASOP 4TEEN ft.DQUEEN titled “SWEET SWEET” a remix from ALPHA Blondy’s “Sweet Fanta Diallo” .Download and Enjoy

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