Daniel Ademinokan blasts ex-wife and bloggers in new video

The movie producer and director and current partner of actress Stella Damasus shot a 10-mins video today to blast his ex-wife actress Doris Simeon for posting the pic on the right of herself and a young girl and not saying anything when people mistook the girl for her son with Daniel. Apparently some bloggers thought the girl was Doris’s son with Daniel and wondered why they would dress him up in female clothes. The pic was taken in the US. Daniel is basically mad that Doris didn’t try to correct the impression and let people know that was not her son, David. Daniel said they were referring to his son as an hermaphrodite on some blogs. He addressed other issues like Doris allegedly going around saying he doesn’t allow her see their son. He blasted Nigerian bloggers & blog readers. He said some of you are retarded for believing some of the things you read…lol

The video explains it all. If you care to, click after the cut and watch. Off to go get more news


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