Floxy: Sometimes we need a break from music, media









Chinwendu Florence Izuchukwu popularly known as Has made it clear that her not releasing a single of recent does not mean she is no longer in the music business or is not a sign that she has run out of ideas.

who have been away from the eyes of the media in recent times said her reason is to be a normal girl as well as take care of other family issues.

She said that no matter who one becomes in life family will always be the first and somehow, she has taken time to help out with some issues.

“I love my family because without their support, I don’t think I will be anywhere close to where I am today, and I will never hold anything back in making a sacrifice for them” She said.

who also wished for a life without the media said it will be fun to walk into places without being recognized.

“Sometimes, I just want to be a girl on the street, I just want to walk into a public place and no one will talk about me or point at me. I have really missed that life but thank God I am making peace with that complexity in my life.

I am still into music and soon everyone will be hearing from me, but for now, there are things I need to take care of and that is what I must do at the moment”

She thanked her fans and friends for their goodwill messages and love in recent times, adding that they are the reason why she will never quit.

Floxy’s last single ‘Bad Man Thing’ was released five months ago.

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