Jay Z & Beyonce Just Rented A $45 Million Worth Mansion In Los Angeles


America’s most powerful Hip-hop couple, Jay Z and Beyoncy have been having issues with housing for a while now after their former mansion in LA was sold to someone at $45.5million.

Their homelessness problem has been solved temporarily as it is reported that the couple signed a one-year lease for a mansion in Los Angeles, which includes a 20,000 square foot house, a complex featuring an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool and an outdoor pool with a waterfall.

The mansion, which had been owned by ex-Dodger owner Frank McCourt and is worth $45 million, will cost them 150,000 a month on one year lease.

Would you want to take a look at the new mansion? see photos below.

Jay-home Jay-home-1 Jay-home-2 Jay-home-3 Jay-home-4



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