Meet Swedish Twins Who Got Drake Drunk And Had Him Get A Tattoo Of Their Name

To pay homage to his favorite month, got an arm with the month october written swedish(oktober), a lion head, underneath it had this inscription “Lejonhjärta” which means “Lion hearted” in English.
Are you wondering why the Toronto rapper chose to get a body art written in Swedish? Now here this….Drizzy was made drunk, and was convinced by swedish twin sisters, Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta to get their name tattooed in his arm……lol…
They posted the above photo and captioned it

That time we got some Canadian dude drunk and had him get a of our name

In thesame vain, artist Dr. Woo just recently took to his Instagram to show off a he did for a day after, of a lion’s head circumscribed by the message “Oktober” and “Lejonhjarta.”

See more photos of the twins. Below, now the question is, are these two swedish models worth Drizzy get inked on their behalf?


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