I Will F**king Break Your Face – 2Shotz And Fan Fight On Social Media

rapper now photograph gets his own turn of fans blast as he announces on his celebrating American independence. Now US based Nigerian rapper got what he may have deserves for sharing a photo of the  American flag writing FREEDOM….LIBERTY….DREAMS…OPPORTUNITY ignoring his mother land Nigeria.

tefloni313 felt like i must talk my mind as he hardheartedly poured out his opinions about .

  • teflon1313All y’all fake ass Nigerians always quick to rep a foreign nation no wonder niggas never fk’d witchu wack music
  • teflon1313Punk ass
  • [email protected] smh…stupidity in d highest form..no wonder u still over there….u shkd focus on getting a visa n visiting other countries..maybe ur fucked up demented brain wld open up a lil bit..fucking BASTARD Asshole….so u think I give a shit about d music?..like dats my ONLY form of feeding?…omo don’t come on dis page n talk shit..if u aint happy plssssss waka pass…n drop ur shitless comments elsewhere…im not dat kinda nigga..ill fucking BREAK ur face……be warned
  • teflon1313Bitch nigga I live in New York born and raised but I still rep ma motherland fool said he gon break a jaw fk bitch the only thing u ever broke was a record witchu failed wack ass career pussy
  • teflon1313Dis fake camera snapping Nigga called me a hundry starvin ?….I ain’t starving u seen my page with a hundred stacks ima expose ur punk ass I’m fina be in Houston pull up bitch!
  • ajayimonsurattBut your page is locked. Open it let us see the stacks you are talking about ?
  • [email protected] you also gave a fucked up reply “such a stupid question”. Shouldn’t hv been d work to come outta ur mouth man . Bruh we all expected you to be more matured than ds. Just saying….

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