Eminem’s “Revival” Full Album Download Release Date Fixed?

Download Revival Album by Eminem Mp3, Zip .

Rumors had it months back that Eminem’s 9th studio album titled Revival will be released on the 17th day of November. While no confirmation was made by Eminem to that effect, all eyes were on deck and highly expecting the November 17th deadline.

Behold, the date came and nothing happened but we now have another date fixed courtesy  Hits Double Daily, the site that originally ignited the November 17th rumor.

According to HDD, Revival album by Eminem is now projected to drop December 8th. “U2 is now expected on 12/1 and Eminem is believed to be coming on 12/8,” their page reads.

While the release date hasn’t been officially confirmed by Eminem or his camp, signals are showing glaringly that the album is right by the corner.

The release of Walk On Water featuring Beyonce, his performance on SNL over the last weekend and interviews including  a very rare interview on Shade 45 last week shows Eminem is currently pushing hard with promotion of REVIVAL album.


We’ll always keep you informed as we all wait for an official official release date for Revival album by Eminem. That should be sooner than we are even expecting.


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