Daywalker – SHADE

with real names Chinedu Charles Onwuzuligbo is a South African based Nigerian rapper/afropop artist under F.L.O Records Inc. (South Africa).
He has been part of countless projects in the past. This has made handsome his archives with songs he recorded with slim Flo who’s his boss and the owner of the record label also a producer.
has performed in many shows while he was in Nigeria and also in South Africa.
This professionalism has made him to be involved in  a Rap battle where he won the Best Rapper at Eniola street in Nigeria.
At the age of 12, his elder brother found him all by himself rapping/singing in his room,of course,in a childish way. This graced his(’ brother’s) mind to promise him that he will do everything to aid his  rapping and singing dexterity.
Here is a new video he tagged .
Daywalker –

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