TOP 5 Imo Base Produces To Watch Out For In 2018

SweetNaijaMusic Blogger and gospel artist Vigilsmart after a long period of time in an observational and technical investigation decides to release the list of 5 top Nigerian Imo based produces who refused to fold their and watch Lagos state rule Nigerian music industry as the put both their mental and physical effort in their production of sounds.

In the cause of our inquiries, i witnessed artists coming down from Lagos, Aba and even Abuja just to get there already made song remixed and mastered by this producers in question, at first i was shocked but when i noticed this over and over again i so got used to it.


Somik Music

“SO DON’T ANALISE ITS SOMIK PRODUCTION”. Somik  is popular for the captalized signature, he is the number one imo state producer for now as he recently upgraded his studio this year to Mavins studio standard, his a producer that appreciates fresh talents a lot and will go to any extent to see an artist bring the music out from emotion where he believes music resides.

Somik knows how to play the keyboard like he knows his name, he also good with the guitar, violin and saxophone, he told SweetNaijaMusic that his ready to take over the music industry this year as he just finished his final music course in South Africa.

Somik has produced over 300 good musics.

Watch out for somik…



Don’t have much on this taken dude but his on our list his one of Imo state based promising producer. he is another producer that gives you the required attention you need to make your music sound good.

So far he has produced of over 250 good musics..

Watch for Aizberg

Enzy Production

Just wedded producer and CEO of Power House Entertainment Enzy popular known as God On The Beat as this title wasn’t originally formulated by him but his artists gave him this title because of his good works, his believed to be the God of beat as some many artist frequent his studio because of the magic he performs in beat making. his one of O’towns finest producer, he has trained up over 5 producers that are also doing very well now, people like fey_flexy, Etunez, legency, kachi and so on. if you think you beat is not sounding well bring it to Enzy, he knows how to make you love it.

So far Enzy Producutions have produced over 500 good musics

Watch Out for Enzy Productions…

Suspense Babani

Ace music producer cum singer, Suspense Babani has said that a more centralized music market and industry would expose the bulk of talents in the country against the dominance by Lagos market which has cast shadows on other parts of the country.

so far Suspense Babani have produced over a 200 good musics.

Watch out for Suspense Babani…


This dude is the youngest of them all, he started music production at the age of sixteen, his passion for production kicked off at a very early age and grew day after day as he started with a music production course online and came out successful, he did stop there, he went further to get personalized and practicalized tutor from people who have already been there before him of which he go from the likes of Wise-Don, Somik and Enzy after paying his way through, He started his own production and he is doing absolutely well as artists from around Nigeria brings steady work for him.

so far Fey-flexy has produced over a 100 good musics.

Watch Out For Fey Flexy…

IMO STATE producers are taking it to another level.


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