Prince Kaybee reconciles with his Baby Mama; Says He is a better Dad now


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reconciles with his Baby Mama

In February, South African music act was on the headline news for not accepting responsibility for his new born baby with a Gauteng woman.

He didn’t even make moves to even set his eyes on the child.

Well, The SA club music star has come out recently to take full responsibility for his actions and also advise all men not to look down on the women folk who carry their babies.

His tweets after winning best male in his category read below

“I wanna take this ‘Best Male’ award beyond my music. I wanna be a best male in my life. I take full responsibility for not handling the papgeld matter correctly which led to the baby mama going public and everything went South,”

He also confirmed that he has resolved the issue with his baby mama and has since commenced co parenting.

“I have since fixed matters with the mother of my child, we now have a healthy co-parenting relationship and all parties are at peace. This is not something I expect to be congratulated for. But since I won Best Male for my music I would like to expand the meaning.

“In recent news we have seen tons of reports on how we as men let women down, the most worrying being the violence against women followed by absent fathers. As a man who has walked this path my own way through recent papgeld headlines, I would like to challenge other men to become best males in their society, become best males 24 hours every day. It’s a full time job being a boyfriend.

is a better Dad now.

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